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About ODC China




      Welcome to ODC China, ODC is a commitment to knowledge application and business integration of the new company, the company has its own unique business philosophy and management style, the company through investment, trusteeship, mergers and acquisitions, alliances, consulting, training, agents, information technology support a variety of cooperation with many partners, established a broad and strong alliance, forming a powerful and flexible and efficient business structure.

       Here, we can work together to find opportunities for collaboration to explore the pattern of cooperation, work together to create a new business range! Division for the company to produce the basic pattern of organizational structure, providing customers with convenient and efficient professional services to partners to provide an open and flexible co-operative interface!

       Up to now, the support of partners in China and China's regional colleagues efforts, has been basically the ODC's core business into China, has been established, including consulting division, chemical division, building materials division, Information Division, and other business operations unit and career development center, market research center, R & D center to support the three business sectors, for the further development of ODC China has laid a solid foundation. The company developed its business model as a theoretical basis for customers and partners a full range of services, you can according to your own conditions and the ODC operating environment of choice and mode of cooperation in China!
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